Can't Get to the Doctor? No Problem!

Christian Care House Calls counts it a privilege to serve the geriatric health care population. Seniors have served their families and their nation for many years! We now we have the opportunity to serve them!.

You Can Afford It!

You won't find a more fair and reasonable house call service. Our house calls are only $125 (excluding shots / procedures). We also accept Medicare and most Medicare replacement plans.

Mobile Services

Not only can we provide clinical visits to your home, but we can arrange for x-rays, foot care, home health and many other services. We partner with those who have the same core values and those who will strive to provide the best services possible!

Our Providers

Our health care providers feel a calling to the health care industry. We've been serving seniors since 2015. We look forward to serving you!

Geriatric Care

We love caring for our senior population! Whether you're needing help in managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Congestive Heart Failure, we can educate and help you manage these chronic illnesses!